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Muse bassist "puking up blood" after alcohol binge

Chris Wolstenholme, bassist for Muse, has revealed to Q that he forced himself to quit drinking after one particular episode left him "puking up blood". 

Last year he confessed to being somewhat of an alcoholic and has now admitted the full extent of his issues with booze, after realising he was slowly killing himself:

"I was actually losing my mind. I had to drink to get out of bed in the morning. It got to the point one Christmas morning where I was actually puking up blood. But you're so out of it. My rational thought at that time was, 'Oh I won't drink spirits today, I'll just drink beer.'"

It wasn't until he began to notice the deterioration of his health that he decided to actively change his lifestyle and habits, and he added:

"You just don't think properly. You don't really consider that you're killing yourself. Or even if you do, you get to the point where you just don't care about anything any more... I had my 30th birthday and suddenly realised how unhealthy and unfit I felt. Literally one day, something just hit me. I had a full meltdown really."

Luckily, Wolstenholme has managed to turn his life around and no longer drinks. Watch his incredulous reaction to signing thousands of Muse albums here: