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Ringo Starr still has stage fright

Despite having been a member of the biggest band of all time, Ringo Starr admits that he still suffers from stage fright.

At 71 years old, the former Beatles drummer continues to play shows with his All-Starr Band around Europe. However, he reveals that he still hasn’t become used to the crowds and adulation.

“I feel like running away three seconds before I’m due to hit the stage.

“That’s why I always run on to it. I would love to coolly stroll on stage but I cannot.”

Starr added to Austrian magazine News: “I love performing but I just have this nervousness every time.”

Ringo isn’t letting his fears get the best of him, though, and says that he will only retire when he has to. He said: “B.B. King is my hero. Chuck Berry is still performing too. I’ll give concerts as long as I can hold on to the sticks. You cannot tell when it’s all over.”

Check out Ringo answering questions at a recent press conference in Russia below: