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Glastonbury only has "another three or four years" left

Glastonbury's organiser, Michael Eavis, has admitted that the festival probably only has a few more years left before it will close for good. 

This year's event was a phenomenal success, something which Eavis credits to the huge acts he secured to headline the three nights, but he fears the UK's "economics" and familiarity with outdoor music events could mean that it's a dying art. He told The Times:

"It's on the way out. We've probably got another three or four years. (British festivals) Womad and Latitude are not selling out. Partly it's economics, but there is a feeling that people have seen it all before...

"We sell out only because we get huge headliners. (But) in the year Jay Z played we nearly went bankrupt. I don't see the market will be there in the future."

Watch Coldplay's set from this year's event below: