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Jessie J's mentor and former manager demands 20 percent

Jessie J's former manager and mentor, Raymond Stevenson, has claimed that he is entitled to a whopping 20 percent of the 'Price Tag' singer's life earnings after getting her to where she is now. 

The 47-year-old Art 19 label director revealed to the Evening Standard that he worked with her for 5 years and played a huge part in shaping her to be the vocal powerhouse and hitmaker she is today:

"I don't think there is a dispute about our involvement and what we did for her over five years, and 20 per cent represents that. We took her round to major record labels, they weren't sure and didn't quite get it. It took a while to get the record labels' ears and we eventually took her America to speak to executives out there."

"Five years is a long time to develop someone and I'm glad she is reaping the rewards of what we have done."

No statements have been made by either Jessie J herself or her current record label, Universal Republic, but you can watch a brief interview with her from Glastonbury festival below: