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Bob Dylan's grandson calls him 'the Jay-Z of his time'

Bob Dylan’s grandson, Pablo Dylan, called his grandfather “the Jay-Z of his time”.

The 15-year-old grandson of the legendary musician just released his first hip hop mixtape, ’10 minutes’. 

Bob Dylan is known as one of the major voices of the sixties, with strong political and social messages in his music. 

Pablo said in an interview, “My grandfather, I consider him the Jay-Z of his time and he definitely has a legacy that a lot of people look up to. I love him to death.”

He said his grandfather “feels strongly” about his music and budding rap career.

“Of course we do two different things, and I don’t want people to see me for what he has done. But, what I have done, I mean from a musical and personal standpoint, is definitely influenced by him,” Pablo said.

"Everyone around me influences me, and I have learned so much from him just listening to his records, but I hope his music continues to live on through what I continue to do the rest of my life.”

Listen to Pablo Dylan's 'Top of the World' off of '10 Minutes' here: