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Kanye and Jay-Z slammed by independent record stores over 'Watch The Throne'

Independent record stores have hit out at Jay-Z and Kanye West for the way in which they have decided to sell copies of their collaborative album, 'Watch The Throne'. 

The pair, now known collectively as The Throne, will release the album onto iTunes on August 8 but it isn't scheduled to arrive in shops until August 12, although chain store Best Buy will be selling copies exclusively for the first 10 days of its availability.

Now, the people behind Record Store Day have written an open letter to them criticising their "short-sighted" sales strategy. 

The letter explains, "We believe this is a short-sighted strategy, and that your decisions will be doing great damage to over 1,700 independent record stores - stores that have supported you and your music for years."

"We know that you are busy, and that you put most of your energies into creating great music, but we are writing to you in the hope that you will hear us and take the time to rectify this matter."

"As representatives of the independent record store music community, we are asking you to allow record stores and music fans equal access to your new album."

Check out 'Otis' from the pair's forthcoming joint project here: