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Ed Sheeran reveals that he still sleeps on friends' sofas

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran may be building quite an impressive career, but he has revealed that his hard work has left him homeless. 

The 20-year-old star explained to the Daily Star newspaper that sleeping on friends' floors and sofas is something that happens regularly and that at the moment he's staying with his manager:

"I’m still living on my manager’s sofa at the moment, I think it will be a while. I keep in touch with everyone who has helped me out in the past with places to stay. I get them to gigs."

"I lived on my friend Darryl’s floor for about a year, so last week he came to a show and I basically gave him my whole drinks rider."

Sheeran also added that money has never been his motivation and is content with his current living conditions while he focuses on his music:

“I never did this to be rich and it will be a while before any money comes in. The benefits for me are more people coming to my gigs. It’s all about the live shows.”

Watch him perform 'Homeless' below: