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Ms. Dynamite back on top form with video for new single 'Neva Soft'

Ms. Dynamite has finished her video for new single 'Neva Soft' and is back on top form. 

The singer will officially release the track on September 4 and the video for it shows the 30-year-old star dancing in a warehouse while wearing figure-hugging denim hotpants and an edgy leather jacket. 

She took to Twitter earlier today, August 9, to vent her frustrations on the current situation in London with the riots and looting, and wrote:

"We can judge & point the finger but these are OUR children & this is a reflection of how WE have let them down!..WE ARE 'ALL' RESPONSIBLE!.."

"Point the finger..&3 fingers r pointin back@U!.. We can either remain part of the problemORface the inconvenient truths&B part ofA solution!"

Watch behind-the-scenes footage of her recent video shoot for 'Neva Soft' here: