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PIAS joins with new distribution company after warehouse blaze

After a fire at the Sony DADC warehouse in Enfield during the London riots last week, independent record label, PIAS have developed a new plan to ensure that independent music will continue to be distributed.

The fire caused the destruction of 3.25 million records, and Sony has set up a new distribution centre in Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire, which will be will be up and running from August 22.

PIAS has partnered with Proper Music Distribution to 'ease the burden' on the new facility. The plan is for Proper Music to distribute to independent retailers as well as dealing with Amazon and Play orders. Now, Sony DADC will deal with supermarkets, HMV bulk orders, international shipments and wholesalers.

A statement from PIAS reads:

"At the appropriate point in the future the majority of retailers will revert back to being serviced by Sony DADC, however PIAS envisages the independent retailers will remain with Proper for the foreseeable future."

MD of PIAS, Peter Thompson, said:

"I am overjoyed to have this solution in place so soon after the fire at the Sony DADC warehouse which destroyed the stock of all our labels. Sony DADC have been amazing in getting things up and running so fast, and have excelled in their actions and flexibility in supporting our teams in looking after the needs of our labels"

Steve Kersley, MD of Proper Music Distribution, said:

"All of us in distribution looked on in horror at the destruction of Sony DADC and everyone would have considered the consequences on their own business. In these circumstances it’s easy to offer to help in any way we can and we are fortunate that we can lend a hand. We wish Sony DADC the best with their new setup and in the meantime are happy to do what we can."

So far, three male teenagers have been arrested in connection with the fire at the Sony warehouse.

Watch SKY's news coverage of the fire at the distribution centre here:


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