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N-Dubz's Tulisa unsure of performing on X Factor like Cheryl Cole

N-Dubz's Tulisa Contostavlos appeared as a guest on Lorraine Kelly's morning show today, August 22, and revealed that she's unsure whether to perform on the X Factor stage like her predecessor, Cheryl Cole, once did. 

The star, who is currently working as a judge on the popular talent competition, explained that she has big shoes to fill and doesn't want to be seen as trying to copy the 'Promise This' singer:

"I haven’t made any decisions about what I’m going to do musically because I’m just trying to focus on the job at hand. It’s a big role to take on but anything could happen. I’m not sure yet, I’m seeing how it goes."

She also addressed the recent reports that suggest she is imitating Cole's style and said that because she "is the most photographed woman in the country" there will always be situations where their outfits appear to be similar:

"People try new things and fortunately for her she was photographed doing it, so there’s always going to be pictures that you can compare between me and her."

Watch a contestant on X Factor pick a fight with Tulisa below: