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X Factor auditionee Ceri Rees 'pursued' by cruel TV bosses for public ridicule

Ceri Rees, the 54-year-old widow who recently returned to The X Factor for her fourth year of auditions, was "pursued" by the show's bosses, according to her vocal coach. 

Amanda Roberts has been training Rees for the past few years after seeing her harshly rejected from the first round of auditions in '05, '06 and '08. She opened up about the programme's desire to exploit Rees and even revealed that executives offered her free transport and accomodation to attend this year's open call:

"The show just wants someone to ridicule. The producers and judges should hang their heads in shame - they are exploiting a vulnerable woman."

"When they approached her to go back I rang the producers and told them it wouldn't be good for her. We had a slanging match for half an hour - they spoke to me like mud."

Roberts added to the Daily Mail, "When I got back and told them she was pulling out, I took a 35-minute verbally abusive phone call from one of the researchers, who said I had spoilt the biggest opportunity of her life."

"I said Ceri wasn’t well enough to take part in the show, but this researcher just asked me: “Are you a doctor?" The problem is, she’s very easily taken in by people and enjoys being the centre of attention. She falls in love with all the sunshine and the glory of showbusiness, but the show only wants someone to ridicule."

"She was being told Simon Cowell loved her and wanted to see her on the show again. The producers were saying how much the judges missed her. They are preying on a very vulnerable lady and it’s not right."

Celebrities took to social networking site Twitter after Rees' weekend performance and were united in their opinions that the broadcast seemed as though it was purely to exploit and riducule her for the sake of entertainment. 

Watch her recent X Factor audition, along with another memorable attempt by a Manchester based contestant Bazzman, below: