Jimmy Gnecco to release solo album, 'The Heart'

After fourteen years fronting alternative rock band Ours, New Jersey-born Jimmy Gnecco is 

releasing a solo album set to be the most personal and affecting work of his career.

“One of the most underrated talents in the business.” Time Out


Written while his mother was dying, The Heart is Gnecco’s compelling attempt to deal with loss, his upbringing and own mortality.  Released on Bright Antenna Records, a beautiful melancholy prevails throughout The Heart, whilst his lyrics provide a resolute dignity and integrity that together mark a watershed for Gnecco where we witness him drop his guard and raise the bar.  


The result is both elegant and elegiac, with slow-growing songs that get right under your skin.   Gnecco plays guitar, bass, keys and drums throughout The Heart, but it’s his adroit and soulful voice that really takes centre stage.  His perfectly controlled falsetto establishes a potent sense of intimacy.  


“As I was making the record, I tried to be completely true to my feelings”, says Gnecco. “A lot of this record is about me embracing my past and finding peace with it.”


The Heart is to be released on November 7

Video for lead single Bring You Home (out October 24): http://youtu.be/KRuXWZiNsb0








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