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Myleene Klass on an awkward paparazzi photo: 'I didn't want blood dripping down my face in front of my daughter'

Myleene Klass has admitted that although being followed around by the paparazzi is a pain, she doesn't mind if unflattering photos of her are made public because it's unrealistic to look perfect all the time. 

Speaking about one picture in particular - a shot of Klass taken during her second pregnancy back in February when she had a tissue stuffed up her nose to stop it from bleeding - she explained that "I didn't care that I looked a bit stupid" and told Fabulous magazine:

"In my second pregnancy, I suffered from terrible nosebleeds. I was getting out of a car with (first daughter) Ava and a pap snapped a picture of me with tissue up my nose."

"I went up to him and he asked me if I wanted him to delete the shot. I told him: 'No, because this is what really happens to women during pregnancy.' I didn't care that I looked a bit stupid. I was more concerned that I didn't have blood dripping down my face in front of my little girl. He was stunned, but I absolutely meant it."

The singer, presenter and musician - or triple threat - was recently married and you can watch her talk about her definition of what is sexy below:


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