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Jack Osbourne vows to never allow cameras into his house again

Jack Osbourne has vowed never to let another camera crew inside his house after his experience growing up in the public eye on The Osbournes

The 25-year-old star explained that being centre of a reality television show was really bizarre and now that he's starting to settle down with his fiancée Lisa Stelly, who is also pregnant with his first child, he would rather retire from that lifestyle:

"For as long as I live, I will never, ever allow a camera in my house again. After four years of 'The Osbournes', I felt I'd turned into a talking box of Daz soap powder."

"Would I watch any of that footage again? Maybe when my kids are teenagers, just to show them what not to do. And also to show them that their old dad had one or two mad days before they were born."

"I'm very sure she's (Lisa Stelly) the one. And yes, we're engaged. I know that might sound a little old-fashioned these days, but I bought the ring - without her knowledge - because I wanted to do it properly."

Watch the official blooper reel from The Osbournes below:


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