For Her Thanksgiving Evening Special, Gaga Simply Sparkles in Jewelry by Rodrigo Otazu

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2011 -- Lady Gaga looks stunning in her Thanksgiving Evening Special on ABC, November 24th at 9:30 p.m.  Her sophisticated and elegant look was made complete by wearing jewelry by the well-known designer, Rodrigo Otazu.

As Rodrigo describes, "When I was designing these pieces for Gaga, I was thinking about being different, being oneself and not afraid to stand up for who you are. That is Gaga to me. I feel a real affinity for who she is, so it is simple for me to design for her, to give her something special, like she is!"

Rodrigo continues: "Gaga is so many women in one. She is Outrageous. She is Different.  She is also the Classic Performer, the Hollywood Beauty and the Girl Next Door. So it is always exciting to design for her.  I want my jewelry to be like Gaga in that I want it to lead, not follow. How lucky I am to be a designer of jewelry, to help women feel beautiful. I love it that my designs allow a wearer to be unique, to be special."

Rodrigo Otazu is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is currently based out of New York City.  His passion for life and his love of beauty can be seen in all of his designs. In addition to numerous previous collaborations with Lady Gaga, Rodrigo has designed for such iconic powerful women as Madonna, Tyra Banks, Toni Braxton, Grace Jones, and Mary J. Blige; his jewelry was also featured in the fashion film classic, Sex in the City 2.

Jewelry by Rodrigo Otazu is sold throughout the U.S. at select upscale stores and boutiques. More information about Rodrigo Otazu and his designs can be found on his Facebook page Please direct inquiries to:

SOURCE Rodrigo Otazu

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