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Blue's Lee Ryan: 'Boys in boybands are mugs'

Lee Ryan from Blue has slammed modern boybands for their frivolous approach to money. 

The 'One Love' hitmaker told the Mail On Sunday that he has no sympathy for stars who splash the cash because he did the same thing while he was touring and recording with Blue and knows from experience that it doesn't end well:

"Boys in boybands can be total mugs. I was. It doesn't last long and you have to make the most of every opportunity because tomorrow you wake up and it's over."

"In Blue I had the flash cars, the designer gear, the great flat. When we split in 2005 I was advised to put the few hundreds of thousands I had left into property and it just tanked."

He added that he has a great deal of respect for people in music who treat their fame as a business as it's the smart thing to do:

"Financially you just can't ever relax. I really admire these guys who watch the money because it was something I never did."




Watch Lee Ryan busking in central London below: