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Dionne Bromfield thinks that she has "two personalities"

Dionne Bromfield thinks that she has "two personalities" in order to deal with her life as a teenager and her role in the music industry.

The 15-year-old has been forced to find out how to balance her career and how to act her age so that she doesn't miss out on the best of both worlds:

"I think I've got two personalities. I know how to present myself if I'm with older people, but when I'm with my friends, I'm the most immature person ever. But I think that's just being a teenager."

The goddaughter of Amy Winehouse told Look Magazine that her mother still looks after her finances:

"I've got an allowance, thank God, but I let my mum look after my money. And I've got a trust fund, so when I'm 18 I'm going to have access to that. I'm going to be responsible and buy myself a car, but I'll need lessons first."

Even though the 'Yeah Right' singer is still so young, she has learnt early on that money does not equal happiness:

"It's still nice - just opening presents and getting perfume or something that somebody has thought about. Money can't buy you happiness".




Check out Dionne Bromfield performing her single, 'Yeah Right', live for Smooth Radio and her video for 'Ouch', which features Mz. Bratt: