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Leona Lewis defends her Nine Inch Nails cover

Leona Lewis has defended her controversial cover of Nine Inch Nails' 'Hurt' and explained that "as long as it's coming from a genuine place" people shouldn't be so quick to judge reinterpretations of popular songs. 

She performed the track, which famously deals with themes of self-harm, on a recent episode of The X Factor and has also now released it as part of an EP, but it has been met with a mixed reception and many fans have questioned her choice of cover.

Speaking to BBC's Newsbeat, the 'Bleeding Love' superstar revealed:

"People write music and the music is out there for people to interpret it how they want to. As long as it's coming from a genuine place."

"I actually am a big fan of that song ('Hurt') and a big fan of the Johnny Cash cover. But that song in particular really speaks to me. Lyrically it's a song that is very intense and has a painful lyrics. It's reflective of a place where I was at. When I recorded it it was healing to get it out."




Watch Lewis perform her own rendition of 'Hurt' on The X Factor below: