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Adam Lambert shares band and album details with fans

Adam Lambert has revealed details of his band's line up on social networking site Twitter. 

The vocal sensation is set to release his forthcoming new album, 'Trespassing', on March 20 and has now told fans the names of the musicians that will feature in his live ensemble.

Writing in a series of posts early this morning, December 30, he explained that he has a "new badass diva on bass":

"ladies and gents: for those of you who don't know, please meet @ashleydzerigian - my new badass diva on bass. And mr @TommyJoeRatliff is feat as lead guitar now. He understands my musical vision, plays so tastefully and as an ensemble! Go team!"

"And the incomparable @isaacthecarp on drums!!" He continued. "So in the pocket!!! And the biggest heart... And @UhHuhHerMusic's Cam on keys!! A true artist and musician... And a sexy spirit!! Luv ya Cam!!"

When asked by some of his 1.28 million followers if he has tour plans in the pipeline, he added:

"No clue when a tour is happening... One thing at a time... ;) I'm so excited for you all to Trespass into my world and under my skin with this album!!! My Lightness and Darkness collide on this one..."




Watch his stunning performance of 'Outlaws Of Love' below: