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Micky Dolenz of The Monkees is "bewildered" at the news of Jones' death

Micky Dolenz of The Monkees has revealed that he is in shock following the death of his 66-year-old band mate Davy Jones yesterday, February 29. 

Jones' publicist, Deborah Robicheau, confirmed that the lead singer had passed away in his sleep as a result of a massive heart attack. 

In a new interview with Piers Morgan, Dolenz explained that Jones was the youngest and healthiest out of the group so the news has left him completely "bewildered":

"I thought it might have been one of those internet stupid joke hoaxes, I hoped it was, but obviously it was not. (I'm in) total shock. I thought he would have been the last of us (to die). He was the youngest of us... I thought it would have been me (to die first), I'm not a vegetarian..."

"I'm bewildered. I'm anxious to talk to his family and friends and find out what was going on, but then again, it could be genetic. I know both his parents passed over at a younger age, who knows, that could have something to do with it... but boy, everyone is in total shock."




Watch the iconic group's music video for 'I'm A Believer' below: