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Patrick Stump wasn't prepared for negativity following launch of solo career

Patrick Stump, of Fall Out Boy fame, has written a blog post about how shocked he is at the behaviour and attitudes of people towards his solo career. 

The rocker explained that he has been met with endless criticism since branching out on his own and never really anticipated how cruel fans could really:

"I wasn't prepared for was the fervor of the hate from people who were ostensibly my own supporters (or at least supporters of something I had been part of)."

"The barrage of 'We liked you better fat,' the threatening letters to my home, the kids that paid for tickets to my solo shows to tell me how much I sucked without Fall Out Boy, that wasn't something I suppose I was or ever will be ready for. That's dedication. That's real palpable anger."




The extensive post, which comments on an article written about him by Under the Gun Review a while back, covers a lot of ground but ends with Stump admitting he would be up for a Fall Out Boy reunion if the timing was right:

"Still no word on Fall Out Boy… I know Joe's working on his new record and Pete's mixtape just came out so I don't expect anything on that front in the near future. I, as always, would be super psyched to do the band again though." 

Watch his music video for 'This City' here: