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The Fray promise to toughen up following The Killers' jibe

The Fray have promised to make their live shows more exciting after discovering they were mocked by The Killers.

The Denver quartet, best-known for their emotive hit single ‘How To Save A Life,’ claim they have now toughened up after watching a clip of Brandon Flowers making fun of their ‘sensitive’ reputation.

Speaking to the Daily Star about their third record, Scars and Stories, lead singer Isaac Slade said: “When we started making the album,  I saw footage on YouTube of Brandon getting mad at a Killers crowd who were a little sedate. Brandon was yelling: ‘Come on, stand up and dance. This isn’t a f***ing Fray show.’

“All I could do was laugh because that’s true – we do have a very thoughtful, sensitive crowd who don’t get to dance much. Still, I’ll pay Brandon back for picking on our fans. Next time I see him I’ll have to punch him in the mouth.”

The 30-year-old, who watched footage of Bruce Springsteen and AC/DC as inspiration for their upcoming North American tour, also claims the band explore a new-found raunchier side on their new album: 

“We’ve all grown up as religious people and the church’s attitude to sex means it’s hard to express your sexuality without feeling guilty.

“But sex and love are the most natural things in the world and it’s the most basic aspect of rock ’n roll. It was time for us to express that, y’know, we feel sexy too. They turned out to be the most fun songs we’ve ever written. It was silly to feel scared of expressing our sexuality.”




Watch an acoustic performance of new single, 'Heartbeat,' below: