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Adam Lambert speaks out on gay acceptance in the US

Adam Lambert has opened up on gay acceptance in the US, saying that he doesn't feel America would be ready yet for a gay love interest in a music video.

The singer was asked at a special fan get-together in Boston, MA whether he thought the US would be ready for a music video with a gay love interest.

He conceded that he doesn't think the country is ready yet - and said he is trying to balance his fans with his dissenters. He said:

"I don't think they're ready. I think my fans are for sure. I think unfortunately the way things are, especially in this country, is that if someone doesn't like something, they're a lot louder than the people who like it. So sometimes I wonder if it's worth it to create that much of a problem because I feel like that problem will prevent my career and things from moving forward, so I'm trying to keep the balance right now, and I think that's the best thing that I can possibly do - is to make small baby steps, but not freak out the people that have the very loud negative voices."

He concluded: "I don't want to prevent my creativity and my art from reaching you guys by trying to prove a point, so it's a very sensitive thing."




Watch Adam Lambert speak at the Boston fan event below: