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Demi Lovato says TV and movies glorify unhealthy body image

Demi Lovato has opened up about the pressures that TV and movies place on young girls.

Speaking on ITV's Daybreak this morning (April 2), the singer reckons that TV and film are promoting an "unhealthy body image" which in turns is putting too much pressure on females.

Lovato has come through personal issues of her own in recent times and believes that the industry should be taking more "responsibility" over their output. She said:

"I feel as if TV and movies are now glorifying an unhealthy body image which puts a lot of pressure on young girls who are trying to find themselves.  A lot of girls that are young are insecure and they look to the media to see what she should look like. The film and TV industry should take more responsibility."

Speaking about her own problems, Lovato added: "A lot of people ask me, 'Do you think it's because you started so young?' I say, 'No, because the problems were starting when I was 12 years old'. I was bullied when I was 12, that's when I got really sick. It's been going on a while now, but finally I've gotten help."




Watch Lovato speak to Daybreak below: