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Robin Gibb recovering from pneumonia

Robin Gibb is recovering in hospital from pneumonia after being forced to cancel an appearance at the premiere of a classical piece that he wrote with his son.

The Bee Gees star had been planning to attend The Titanic Requiem concert in London on Tuesday night (April 10) but illness prevented him from making an appearance.

Gibb has undergone cancer treatment in recent months and the singer took to the stage again to perform in February.

Robin Gibb's son Robin-John, with whom he co-wrote material for the Titanic show, gave a message at the event to confirm his father could not attend. He said:

"Unfortunately my father is still in hospital and is unable to be here this evening. He sends all his love. We are all praying for him and hoping he has a speedy recovery."




Watch a trailer for The Titanic Requiem below:


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