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One Direction US "not intimidated" by Simon Cowell

A band currently embroiled in a legal battle with One Direction over their name has said that they won't be intimidated by Simon Cowell.

Cowell's label Syco and Sony are facing a lawsuit worth $1m after an American band called One Direction said that they should have the rights to the name in the US.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, One Direction US member Sean O'Leary said that they will not be intimidated by the clout of Cowell. He said:

"We are not intimidated. The law isn't a popularity contest. Our name has been infringed. We are obviously not as successful as the UK band. We're nothing like them either, we're more rock and play instruments. We put everything into our band. Our music is our lives."

As previously reported, One Direction US's manager told The Sun recently that they have the "rights, the talent, and the heart" in this legal tussle.




Watch the video for One Direction US's 'Dreaming' below:


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