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Marcus Collins claims nothing is off limits when writing songs

Marcus Collins has claimed that no subject is off limits when it comes to writing his own music.

The 23-year-old, who this week unveiled the video for his new single, 'Mercy,' told the Daily Star that his self-titled album contains several songs based on his own personal experiences:

“I’m open about songwriting. There’s nothing I wouldn’t put. One of the lyrics on (album track) It’s Time is: ‘I’ll serve my sentence, four years I’m a free man, to sweet redemption like I’m outta Shawshank,’ talking about my ex-boyfriend.

“I’ve told him and we have a laugh about it. It’s dead cool.”

The X-Factor star, who finished runner-up to Little Mix in last year’s final, went onto reveal that his latest track was also inspired by a similar theme:

“I was going through a break-up so I was thinking to myself: ‘What can I write about?’

“I tend to write about what I know and what I’m going through. I’ve usually got lots to say on stuff I know about. I want my fans to feel down like I was but know that we’ve moved on from it.”




Watch the video for Marcus' new single, 'Mercy,' below: