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School friend meets up with One Direction's Harry Styles, gets bombarded on Twitter

A schoolfriend of Harry Styles was forced to deny suggestion she was dating the One Direction star after going for coffee together.

Styles was seen with Ellis Calcutt recently as they sipped coffee together, increasing speculation about his love life.

The teen is seemingly linked to a new girl every week - with model Emma Ostilly recently subject to some jealous Twitter interactions after being connected with the singer.

Calcutt meanwhile took to Twitter to dispel any notion of romance after One Direction fans also bombarded her on the social networking website. The Mirror quotes her as saying:

"Wow, you people are sooo quick to make up rumours! Me & Harry went for coffee together as we haven't seen each other since last year!"

She added: "We're only good friends and have been since high school. I have a lovely boyfriend called Phil so you can stop spreading rumours about me and Harry dating each other because we absolutely are not!"




Watch Harry Styles being interviewed below: