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Frankie Cocozza opens his heart over death of close friend

Frankie Cocozza has opened his heart over the recent death of his close friend, Connor Saunders.

19-year-old Saunders passed away in April after suffering head injuries from a fight, with good friend Cocozza helping to carry his coffin at his funeral on Friday (11 May).

Speaking to the Sun, the X Factor contestant said that he was in a hotel room in Scotland when he heard news that Saunders, who he had known for much of his life, was in a critical condition - with doctors only giving him two hours to live.

However, he couldn't fly down to England because he left his passport in his room - which meant he had to take a train. He said:

"I'd been on a night out. I was still half asleep when my phone rang again. It was my mate Olly, who told me that Connor was in intensive care and the doctors had given him two hours to live. I threw on my clothes, grabbed my wallet and ran out of the hotel, leaving everything else behind. I didn't realise I'd left my passport in my room."

He added: "I knew then I wasn't going to be with Connor at the end - and I was in a terrible state. I felt like I had let him down. I had to spend the next five hours on a train, where I just sat and cried."

The singer unfortunately didn't make it in time to see Saunders before he died. He said: 

"It was the saddest sight you can imagine. Connor was lying on a bed with his family around him - all people who mean the world to me. They were each touching him and crying. I walked over, leaned down and kissed my friend gently on the top of his head. Then I said goodbye. At that moment I knew that my life would never be the same again."




Watch Frankie Cocozza speak about the X Factor below: