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Hot Chip blame artists like Tulisa for conservative state of pop music

Hot Chip have named Tulisa as one of the artists responsible for the conservative state of today’s pop scene.

The London outfit, who release new album, ‘In Our Heads,’ next month, told The Guardian that they are bored with the amount of current records that “feel like they've come from a factory that tries to correct everything".

Band member Joe Goddard added: “They take out all the flaws that make everything really loveable for me. Pop music's become quite conservative in a lot of ways.”

Lead singer Alexis Taylor then went onto reveal how he can’t relate to the way in which some pop stars approach their career, naming Tulisa specifically as an example:

"There's quite a lot of cynicism now about how to make pop records and what the point of it is.

“I saw the lady from N-Dubz on a chatshow and they were asking how she felt about the band splitting up. She just talked about having to pay her mortgage as being the main issue."




Watch the video for Hot Chip's new single, 'Night & Day,' below:


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