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Justin Bieber reveals love of eating cereal whilst "butt naked"

Justin Bieber has revealed that one of his favourite things to do on days off is to run about the house naked.

Speaking on The Angie Martinez Show, Bieber said that one of the benefits of having your own place to live is that you can roam around as nature intended you to.

He said that he often runs around his house in the buff - and he also revealed a love of eating a bowl of cereal whilst letting it all hang out. He said:

"I am running around naked in the house. That's what you have to do when you - I mean when you get your own place. You feel comfortable to just run around, go get some cereal just butt naked."

As previously reported, Justin Bieber recently revealed that he got a new tattoo inked - the word 'Believe' on his left arm.

Watch Justin Bieber making his album 'Believe' below: