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Katy Perry and Russell Brand are officially divorced

Pop superstar Katy Perry is now officially divorced from British funnyman Russell Brand, it has been confirmed.

Although the couple's divorce request was accepted much earlier this year (February 2012), Californian law states that it can't be finalised for six months after the papers are filed, and in their case the forms were handed in back in December 2011.

27-year-old Perry recently opened up to The Sun newspaper and explained that one of the main reasons for her marriage's failure was her career's packed schedule:

"I always had plans to make this record and usually with a record, you tour a record. Touring is always important to me. It's like a big IOU to my fans, because I know they are the reason I exist."

"Then last year, in my relationship, it's like I didn't want to change. I wanted to stay as a performer who has so much love for my fans, and I don't want to ever think I would have to choose between them."




Watch Perry's video for 'Wide Awake' below: