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Damon Albarn describes as 'a miserable old sod'

Damon Albarn has described as 'a miserable old sod' after encountering The Black Eyes Peas star at this year’s BRIT Awards.

The Blur frontman, whose band won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony, also said that he wasn’t too impressed with The Voice judge’s unique sense of style:

" was a miserable old sod. Wearing his own stuff — what is that all about?

“Never wearing anything other than this quasi-Star Trek, slightly rubbery bondage kind of stuff. Is there never a day when he wears an old T-shirt?”

The 44-year-old, who recently admitted he was unsure about recording a new Blur album, also took a pop at the state of today’s music scene, adding:

“If I was to have a criticism about the current state of music, it would be that people care too much about success. The music becomes so conservative because the avenues to express yourself have become so sidelined.

“So to break through, people feel they have to be very straight-forward. It’s a shame, because you didn’t used to have to do that.”




Watch the video for Blur classic, 'Coffee & TV,' below: