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Aiden Grimshaw on One Direction and collaborating with Matt Cardle

Aiden Grimshaw has commented on former X Factor colleagues One Direction and Matt Cardle.

The singer appeared on the X Factor during same series as the two acts in 2010 but Grimshaw ultimately fell short, finishing ninth overall.

Matt Cardle eventually won the show, whilst One Direction - who went on to enjoy international success - finished third.

Grimshaw was recently asked for his thoughts on One Direction's global success, which he said was "good".

Speaking about collaborating with Matt Cardle meanwhile, Grimshaw said:

"We made a song one time. We got to three lines in and then he had to go or something, and that was the end of that. We never revisited it."

He continued: "We talk a lot about One Direction, don't know why. It's always like, 'Have you seen what One Direction are doing Matt?' and he's like 'Yeah...God...yeah."

Grimshaw is currently launching his solo career, with his debut album 'Misty Eye' due for release on August 20.




Watch Aiden Grimshaw talk about guest editing the Daily Record's celebrity section below: