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Aiden Grimshaw on chart success: "I'm not One Direction or Calvin Harris"

Aiden Grimshaw has admitted that he's a bit worried about how his debut album will perform in the charts.

The former X Factor contestant released his debut album 'Misty Eye' today (August 20) but it seems he is a little modest over its chances of success.

He cited the likes of global pop phenomenons One Direction and hitmaker Calvin Harris as artists who are far more likely to top the charts instead of him. Grimshaw said:

"I'm a bit scared of how it's going to do because I'm not One Direction or Calvin Harris so it's not going to be number one. Hopefully it's going to build and grow."

The 'Curtain Call' star also revealed a desire to collaborate with Lana Del Rey - because "she's fit".

He added: "If it all goes to pieces and I end up working in a pizza place I can be like, 'You know I met Lana Del Ray?'."




Watch Aiden Grimshaw talk 'Misty Eye' below:


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