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Geri Halliwell reveals sugar addiction: 'If I have any it triggers an obsession'

Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell has admitted that she strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle more than ever now that she has a child, but she still has one vice.

She is a mother to six-year-old daughter Bluebell and told Hello! magazine that in order to teach her good habits she tries to stay away from sugar and doesn't touch alcohol, but sometimes it's tough to "restrict" herself:

"I can't restrict myself, but I do try to abstain from sugar. That's my thing - if I have one little bit, it's a trigger. I'm addicted to it. And sugar is ageing. Without it, my skin is better."

"Alcohol is full of sugar. Besides, if I'm going to find the balance of being a mum and having a social life, I just can't put a hangover in there."

Although she actively avoids sweet treats, Halliwell added that at the recent Spice Girls reunion for the Olympic Closing Ceremony there was a cake to celebrate the occasion: "The girls were very sweet and made me feel special. There was a cake, lovely presents - an elegant, pretty necklace - and singing of course."




Watch the Spice Girls' Olympic performance below: