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Alice Cooper warns young people against reality TV and dreams of fame

Rocker Alice Cooper has urged the youth of today to avoid watching reality television in a new blog post.

Writing for the Huffington Post, the 'Poison' superstar explained that too many children are growing up with aspirations of empty fame instead of wanting to commit to a proper career, and it bothers him to think how values have shifted in this way:

"There's one thing that really gets my horned goat in this grand scheme of things. Reality TV! Please, don't get your head turned in an Exorcist style and think it's the way to fame and fortune, kiddies! Believe me. I might be a rock star, all glitter, fake blood, make-up and theatrics (with awesome rock anthems of course) but you've no idea the hard graft and craft that's gone into my career."

"The problem is with wanting to be a reality TV star, you're only famous for a little while. You can't live on that fame forever. That's one of the major problems with the whole schtick."

Cooper also spoke about talent shows like American Idol and The X Factor and explained that while they're good in theory, they keep producing the same types of artists who eventually struggle with securing any kind of longevity:

"The only thing I have against X Factor and American Idol and things like that is that they just keep putting out the same person. They keep putting out these cookie-cutters that can go, 'Oh yeah, I can sing Barry Manilow!' Well, how about you write your own song?"




Watch Cooper cover Lady Gaga's anthem 'Born This Way' below:


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