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Hot Chip speak of admiration for Rihanna

Hot Chip have revealed that they are big fans of Rihanna, particularly for the way she is able to emotionally connect to a song. 

Frontman Alexis Taylor named the Bajan superstar as his favourite pop artist when asked by the NME about a recent report which claims pop music is becoming louder and blander.

"I think Rihanna's really good and I feel like whatever context she's in, I can connect to it. Not every singer can get you emotionally and I think she can.

"Having said that, I prefer her tracks before they were euphoric and trance-y."

However, Taylor admitted that he’s not such a fan of the current dance-pop sound favoured by the likes of David Guetta:

“There's always exciting records being made. I don’t know whether much of that is in the mainstream at the moment and the heyday of exciting R&B and hip-hop seems to be over.

"Things like Rodney Jerkins productions and Timbaland productions, and everything related to Destiny's Child and Whitney Houston - they were exciting and pushing things forward. Right now, I don’t hear much of those things. I hear more trance-y hip-hop, David Guetta style productions." 




Watch the video for Hot Chip's 'I Feel Better' below: