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Carly Rae Jepsen discusses 'Call Me Maybe': 'The 'maybe' is more like a question than a statement'

Canadian rising star Carly Rae Jepsen has admitted that her smash hit single, 'Call Me Maybe', isn't as forward as it sounds.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she explained that she isn't as confident as the track suggests and insisted that the title hints at that because it emits an air of uncertainty:

"I think it’s just my type of, the way I would talk about it. I’m not overly confident in love. I’d probably be more coy about it, I guess, just like, ‘call me, maybe? If you want to?'"

When asked if she was surprised by the reaction to the immense popularity of 'Call Me Maybe', Jepsen added: "I never really think too much about is a song going to be a hit or not, but I know the songs that are my favorite and the songs that I’m excited about."




Watch her recently released teaser for 'The Kiss' below:


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