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Lawson use their vocal talents in place of cheesy chat-up lines

Rock-pop rising stars Lawson have revealed that they use their abilities as singers to their advantage when on nights out as the whole 'musician thing' seems to work well on women.

During a T4 interview called 'In Bed With... Lawson', the lads were asked if they have any embarrassing chat-up techniques and member Adam Pitts immediately recalled an anecdote told to him by singer Andy Brown, which he divulged to the camera:

"I don't know if this is embarrassing, but Andy Brown told me about the best chat-up technique I've ever heard in my life. It only works if you can sing..."

"Basically, in Uni, the only way - well, not the only way - he could pull girls was just to go up behind them in a club and sing along to whatever song was playing in the club, wait for them to turn around and go, "wow, you can sing!" Wow, there he is. In!"

Meanwhile, Lawson's new single 'Standing In The Dark' debuted on the UK Top 40 at No.4 yesterday in the midweek update and its final position will be confirmed on Sunday, October 21.




Watch their music video for 'Standing In The Dark' below: