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'Gangnam Style' hitmaker Psy admits his stint in prison caused him to miss his grandfather's death

South Korean star Psy has revealed that smoking marijuana a decade ago saw him thrown into jail and while he was behind bars his grandfather died, which is something he's never been able to get over.

In an interview with America's Star magazine, Psy explained that he was terrified to learn that he had broken the law and his own parents refused to bail him out:

"I smoked something that my country strictly prohibits. I didn't realise I was doing something wrong until I got arrested... To tell you the truth, I was 25 years old back then, and I was scared as hell. My mother said, 'I knew you were going to cause trouble!' Then she left. My father shook my hand and said, 'Take this opportunity to quit smoking cigarettes.' Then he left too."

Psy added that the emotional stress of the whole situation worsened after he learned that his grandfather, who he was close to, had died of cancer:

"I was very close to him. I was not there at the funeral... I will regret this for the rest of my life, because my grandpa loved me so much and I couldn't be there for him when he was on his deathbed."




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