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Psy on 'Gangnam' dance: "I tried every creature, not just a horse"

Global star Psy has revealed that he tried a number of animal themed dances before finalising his famous 'Gangnam Style' routine.

The Korean's song has become a massive international hit on YouTube this year, with the video's horse riding dance routine creating a new craze.

The singer and rapper spoke at the illustrious Oxford Union yesterday (November 7) as 'Gangnam' fever hit the UK.

He told his audience that he tried out a number of other dances before choosing the equine themed routine. He said:

"I stayed up for 30 nights to find that horse riding dance. I tried not just [a] horse. I tried every creature. Elephant, monkey, kangaroo, snake, falling leaves, sun and moon. In Korea, my last five dance moves, they were so famous. This was number six. There was a lot of pressure."




Watch Psy at the Oxford Union below: