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Leona Lewis - "It takes bravery to end a relationship"

In a candid interview with The Independent, Leona Lewis has revealed that she gets more nervous when performing now than she did at a younger age.

“When I was about 10 I performed at the Wembley Arena for the British Heart Foundation. I think I sang a song by the Beatles. What was weird was that I wasn't scared – you have no fear at that age.”

The talented singer also touched on her 10 year relationship with Lou Al – Chamaa, which came to an end in 2010.

“It takes bravery to end a relationship. People can tell you a million times what to do, but unless you know you're ready (to break up), it doesn't matter what they say – change is uncomfortable. With Lou while I knew in my brain I needed to do it, it took a while for everything else to catch up.”

Looking ahead to the future, Lewis feels that she has come a long way from the shy and introvert young girl she once was, becoming a strong and independent woman.

I've always lived with someone but in the past year I've learnt to live alone; you have to be OK with your own company – and even to enjoy it.”

The multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter latest album ‘Glassheart’ is out now, her new single, 'Lovebird', is out on 25 November.







Watch this live version of Leona's current single 'Trouble' here: