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James Arthur: 'I didn't think The X Factor suited me'

X Factor finalist James Arthur has admitted that he was initially apprehensive about auditioning for the show because he didn't feel as though he 'fit' the typical contestant mold.

Speaking to Digital Spy after last night's (November 29) secret show in London, Arthur explained that he's relieved to have been "embraced" by both the programme and the public because he didn't expect such a warm reception:

"I didn't ever think The X Factor would suit me. I didn't think I'm the type of contestant they would normally attract. I'm just glad that they embraced me."

He added: "I don't know about this whole cool thing. I'm just really laid back and I don't impose myself on people so, maybe that's why it's working for me."

Arthur even teased details about the album he is aiming to make after his run on the TV talent contest comes to an end: "I think you'll hear a mixture of acoustic, rock, hip-hop, R&B, soul, maybe some dubstep."




Watch his performance of Adele's 'Hometown Glory' here: