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Carly Rae Jepsen recalls eye patch performance

Carly Rae Jepsen admits to being a "bit of a music geek" in her younger years, who resorted to wearing an eye patch on stage because of her clumsy nature.

The 'Call Me Maybe' hitmaker has recounted growing up in Canada and pursuing her passion for performing.

In this week's episode of MTV's 'This Is How I Made It' Jepsen revealed: "We had a community that had a lot of things going on music-wise. I was involved in musical theatre in elementary school, in high school, and choir, and just kind of a little bit of a music geek. "Around age 7 was the first time I had actually had my taste of the stage. I was involved in this talent show, and I was so excited to perform, and I had this gaudy pink dress that was in my closet and I couldn't reach it because I was a short kid; I'm a short woman, but I was even shorter then.

She continued: "I just yanked on the thing, and the hanger came out and just flew towards me and scratched my eye. But, the show went on. I performed 'Hello, Dolly' in my pink gaudy dress with an eye patch that night."

Jepsen insists the incident didn't put her off though, adding: "I knew I wanted to spend my life doing it from that moment on, so nothing was gonna stop me."




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