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Matt Cardle explains James Arthur feud and praises his talent

Former X Factor winner Matt Cardle has revealed that his Twitter spat with James Arthur shouldn't have escalated the way it did and he would love to go for a drink with him.

During an interview on ITV's Loose Women earlier today (January 4), Cardle explained that he was originally offended by Arthur's criticism of other contestants and thought he shouldn't have been so rude:

"Look, he said something offensive to me. [He said] that [previous X Factor winners] had written bad albums and that's fair enough, he's entitled to an opinion but we're talking about some brilliant song writers that I wrote the songs with."

"I gave him some friendly advice to try and keep your mouth shut a little bit."

Despite Cardle's initial feelings about Arthur, he added that he respects him as a singer and musician and hopes they can connect through their respective experiences:

"I think he's brilliant. I think James is a very, very talented man, I'm sure he'll go very far. We haven't been for a pint yet [but] I'd love to go for a pint with him."




Watch Cardle's full interview from earlier today below: