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Tom Daley picks Simon Cowell as perfect pulling partner

Diver Tom Daley has revealed that Simon Cowell would be his ideal wingman on a night out.

The 18-year-old Olympian made something of a splash in 2012 after his bronze medal-winning efforts at London 2012.

Daley saw his celebrity status rocket throughout the games and he is now fronting a diving themed show on ITV called Splash!.

He told The Hits Radio meanwhile that he would choose X Factor supremo Simon Cowell as his perfect pulling partner - because "people would flock to you".

Daley also said that he is too busy to have a relationship, adding:

"I'd be the sort of boyfriend who would be at the pool 24/7 though, spending far too long training. I'm either on the diving board or at school. At the weekend I have all of Sunday free but I spend that catching up on the stuff I've missed in the week - I've got no time for girls."




Watch a clip from Tom Daley's Splash! below: