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UK college to teach course on impressing at X Factor auditions

A college in England has revealed plans to give lessons on how to make an impact at X Factor auditions.

Bishop Auckland College, in County Durham, will run a 17-week course called X Factor Preparation.

It will cost £95 and hope to teach budding stars handy tips in singing and performing, as well as attending auditions.

Mike Jinks, who is the head of arts at the college, said: "We will be giving them some home truths. This is not just about saying, 'go on X Factor and you will be famous'. We expect them to work hard. We expect them to understand that most people who go on X Factor put a lot of hard work and preparation into it."

He added: "What they'll get is a lot of really useful transferable skills. Whether they develop the confidence to take on an audition or take on a job interview, I don't see much difference between the skills that you need."

The college believes the course, which will finish in time for the 2013 X Factor auditions, is the first of its kind in the UK.





Watch a really bad X Factor audition below: