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Waitress receives death threats after allegedly sleeping with Zayn Malik

An Australian waitress who claims she slept with Zayn Malik has received death threats on Twitter.

As previously reported, Courtney Webb recently claimed that she bedded the One Direction star at his house - and even had phone photos of the star apparently sleeping to prove it.

Naturally, the report prompted speculation over the future of Malik and girlfriend Perrie Edwards, who sings in Little Mix.

It all seems to have riled over-protective One Direction fans on Twitter, with some sending death threats to the waitress. One user said:

"Courtney Webb....if the end of Zerrie ..is cause of you. WE WILL FIND YOU AND WE WILL KILL YOU. NUFF SAID."

Another account posted a message saying: "dear Courtney Webb, we'll kill you - directioners."

The photos taken by Courtney Webb which allegedly show Malik sleeping in bed can be seen below.





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