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'Pretty Little Liars' star Lucy Hale recording country album

Lucy Hale, who is known for her role as Aria Montgomery in 'Pretty Little Liars', has revealed that she's recording her debut solo country album.

The actress, who was "born and bred in Tennessee", took part in a TV vocal contest show called 'American Juniors' in 2003 and was among the winners so worked on an album as part of the group that was formed from the programme, but is now returning to the studio alone to focus on a music career.

Speaking to about the exciting project, she explained that music is always in her heart and she has a long-standing affinity with the country genre in particular:

"(The album) is something I wanted to do way before `Pretty Little Liars' or anything. I grew up singing, and acting sort of came up along the way. ... (Recording) is a lot of weekends, it's a lot of long nights but I'm so passionate about it ... I'm just really excited."

"Country music to me is the best music in the world. It's storytelling and it means something and it can make you feel any emotion in the world and it's just where my heart is," she added.

Hale, who worked with Adam Lambert on an episode of 'Pretty Little Liars' last Halloween, confessed that while it's a daunting prospect, she hopes country fans will get behind her and support the songs she produces because it's a real passion of hers:

"Once you get in the circle of country music, you're in and they will stay with you for life. It's just going over the hurdle of getting in there because they don't just let anyone in. Look at the careers. You don't make one album. You make 25 albums. They're just behind your back always."





Watch Hale and vocal sensation Adam Lambert acting together here: